Politics By Graham Sharpe

EU Ref Vote Too Close To Call? Bet On It...

Although 61% of the money bookmakers William Hill have taken on the outcome of the EU Referendum has staked on 'Remain', 64% of the actual bets taken have been for 'Leave'.

But William Hill currently give a 70% chance of 'Remain' happening by quoting that option at odds of 2/5 (stake 5 for profit of 2) while offering 15/8 (stake 8 for profit of 15, giving a 34% chance of success) about 'Leave'.

'The percentages of money staked versus bets struck have been much the same throughout the EU Referendum campaign so far' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'But 'Remain' has been quite a warm favourite all the way through, despite many polls showing voters almost equally split. We are taking the view that the closer we get to polling day the more likely it is that the Remain vote will increase – which is what happened in the Scottish Referendum, which proved to be the biggest ever political betting event with well over £10million gambled on the outcome.'


EU Referendum outcome: 2/5 REMAIN; 14/8 LEAVE

Remain voting percentage: 55% OR MORE -5/6; UNDER 55%- 5/6

Voter turnout: Under 68%- 2/5; 68% Or more – 7/4