Politics By Graham Sharpe

EU Ref Outcome To Point Towards Next Tory Leader?

WITH THE four leading contenders to succeed David Cameron as Tory leader split 2-2 in the EU Ref Brexit debate, bookmakers William Hill make Boris Johnson (Leave) 7/4 favourite to become the next leader, with George Osborne (Remain) 4/1 second favourite; Theresa May (Remain) 6/1 third favourite, and Michael Gove (Leave) 7/1 fourth favourite. 'The outcome of the EU Referendum looks like palying a signficant role in who becomes the next Tory leader' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Meanwhile, Hills have shortened their odds for a Remain vote to 3/10 (76% chance) from 1/3 ( 75%) after taking a bet of £17,460 from a Bridlington-based customer who has just collected £20,454 from a bet on Sadiq Khan (now 33/1 to be next Labour leader) to become Mayor of London.


EU Ref.....3/10 Remain; 12/5 Leave

EU Ref Voter Turnout: 4/9..... Under 68%; 13/8......68%+

PERCENTAGE VOTE FOR REMAIN?...... 4/6   55%+........11/10 U55%

Next Tory leader: 7/4 Boris Johnson; 4/1 George Osborne; 6/1 Theresa May; 7/1 Michael Gove.