Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Donald Top Trump With Gamblers

BOOKMAKERS William Hill say that they have taken more bets on Donald Trump to win the US Presidential race, than for any other candidate. However, the largest percentage of actual money gambled has been on Hillary Clinton.

Hills have now shortened Trump's odds, which were originally 150/1 (stake 1 for profit of 150; under 1% chance) when betting began, to the shortest they have been at 7/4 (stake 4 for profit of 7. 36% chance). Hillary Clinton is now offered at her longest odds this year of 1/2.

26.2% of all the bets staked on the outcome of the US Election with William Hill have been for Trump; 23.7% are for Sanders and 19.4% for Clinton, with 30.7% staked on all of the others who have been in the race combined.

Of the actual stake money gambled on the outcome, Hills say 47% is for Clinton; 27.9% for Trump; 12.9% for Sanders with all other bets accounting for 12.1%.

'It is evident that Trump has great appeal with the more modest gamblers while the serious players are opting for Clinton' said William Hill spokemsan Graham Sharpe.

LATEST WILLIAM HILL US ELECTION ODDS.......1/2 (66%) Clinton; 7/4 Trump (36%); 20/1 (4%)Sanders.

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