Politics By Graham Sharpe

Could Cameron Personal Attack Backfire?

WITH DAVID CAMERON launching a personal attack on Jeremy Corbyn's dress-sense, bookmakers William Hill have issued odds about which of the two leaders will remain in charge of their respective Parties the longer, to have the last laugh.

Hills think it could go either way, making Cameron slight favourite at 4/6 still to be leader when Corbyn steps down, and 11/10 for the opposite to happen.

And Hills have odds for which year each of them will stand down – making Cameron 7/2 to go this year, with Corbyn 6/5 to do likewise.

'The insults are becoming personal now, so perhaps Mr Cameron is feeling the heat from another chap not best known for sartorial elegance, Boris Johnson, who is now the clear 9/4 favourite to succeed him as Tory leader' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'And we have certainly taken more bets for Cameron to stand down this year than for Corbyn to do likewise'


IN WHICH YEAR WILL CAMERON STAND DOWN? 7/2 2016; 10/1 2017; 8/1 2018; 5/4 2019; 6/5 2020; 14/1 2021 OR LATER

IN WHICH YEAR WILL CORBYN STAND DOWN?..6/5 2016; 5/1 2017; 10/1 2018; 12/1 2019; 3/1 2020; 6/1 2021 OR LATER

OUTCOME OF EU REFERENDUM- 4/11 'Remain' 2/1 'Go'

NEXT TORY LEADER; 9/4 Boris; 11/4 George; 8/1 Sajid; 9/1 Theresa; 10/1 Priti; 12/1 Michael.