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Could 'Brexit' Become Favourite As Odds Shorten?

WILLIAM HILL are offering their shortest odds for over six weeks that the EUReferendum will produce a 'Brexit' verdict, after a flurry of support for that option forced the odds down from 12/5 (stake £5 for profit of £12) at the weekend, to 21/10 ( 32% chance ; stake £10 for profit of £21), while 'Remain' is now at 4/11 ( 73% chance; £11 staked for profit of £4)- its longest odds since April 20, and having once been offered at 1/7.

'Monday has been a one-way traffic day in the EU Referendum market, with the overwhelming proportion of bets placed on 'Brexit' for amounts of up to £600.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.'If the swing continues at this rate it is not impossible that 'Brexit' could touch favouritism before June 23. 71% of all individual bets taken are for 'Brexit', which is now a six figure loser for us, albeit 70% of actual stake money is for 'Remain.'

LATEST WLLIAM HILL EU REFERENDUM ODDS.....4/11 REMAIN (73% chance); 21/10 LEAVE (32% chance)

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