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Jeremy Odds On To Face Labour Challenger

BOOKMAKERS William Hill believe Jeremy Corbyn WILL be able to take on any challenger to his leadership of the Labour Party, and are quoting odds of 4/6 (60% chance) that he will be on a Labour Leadership ballot paper should a challenge happen before the end of this year.

Hills say it is an 11/10 chance that he will not.

'We believe that Mr Corbyn will be able to put himself forward as a candidate should any challenge to his leadership take place' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Meanwhile, William Hill make Angela Eagle their 2/1 favourite to be the next elected leader of the Labour Party, and also offer 6/1 Owen Smith; 8/1 David Miliband; 10/1 Hilary Benn; 12/1 Dan Jarvis, Clive Lewis; 14/1 John McDonnell; Tom Watson. Others on request.

WILLIAM HILL; Jeremy Corbyn to be on a Labour Leadership ballot paper before end of 2016.; Yes 4/6; No 11/10.

WHEN WILL CORBYN STAND DOWN AS LABOUR LEADER?....7/4 2016; 7/2 2017; 7/1 2018; 11/1 2019; 7/4 2020; 12/1 2021 OR LATER.

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