Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Biggest Ever Election Bet Struck On Clinton

BOOKMAKERS William Hill have taken the biggest bet ever staked on either the UK General or US Presidential Elections – with a 46 year old female client placing 550,000 euros (equating to £481,232 when it was struck) on Hillary Clinton becoming President, at odds of 4/11 (73% chance of success) in the hope or expectation of making a profit of 200,000 euros.

As a result, William Hill have shortened Mrs Clinton's odds to 1/3 (75% chance) and lengthened Donald Trump's from 9/4 to 5/2.

'As far as we are aware this is the biggest wager ever taken on either the US Presidential, or the UK General, Elections.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.'As a result of taking this bet a win for Donald Trump has now become the favoured outcome for us in terms of our liabilities for either of the two leading contenders.'

**The biggest bet ever placed on any political event remains the £900,000 gambled on the outcome of the 2014 Scottish Referendum by a male William Hill client from South West London who was successful and received a payout of £1,093,333.33.

LATEST WILLIAM HILL US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION ODDS.......1/3 Hillary Clinton; 5/2 Donald Trump; 20/1 Joe Biden; 25/1 Bernie Sanders; 40/1 Tim Kaine; 80/1 Gary Johnson; 80/1 Paul Ryan. Others on request.