Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Clinton's Odds Tumble After Second Debate

Bookmakers William Hill say that 83% of the money they have taken on the outcome of the US election showdown between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump has been for the former. However, 59% of the actual bets struck have been on Trump.

Following the second debate between the pair, Hills cut Clinton’s odds from 1/4 (80% chance) to 2/9 (82% chance) while Tump’s odds lengthened from 3/1 to 10/3.

“The betting has definitely moved in favour of Hilary Clinton since she won the opening debate and that, along with a single wager of 550,000 euros from a 46 year old female client, has ensured that her odds have consistently shortened”, said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe

Latest William Hill US Election odds: 2/9 Hilary Clinton, 10/3 Donald Trump.