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Anti-Corbs To Chukka Support Behind Umunna?

CHUKKA UMUNNA, who removed himself from the Labour leadership race when Jeremy Corbyn initially took over the Party, is being tipped as a serious contender again, and bookmakers William Hill have installed him as a 16/1 chance to stand and win when the job next comes up for grabs.

'Mr Umunna did not seem to rule himself out as a future candidate for the leadership when interviewed on television, and there has been some interest in his chances from political punters' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Hills currently make John McDonnell 8/1 favourite to succed Corbyn and also offer:10/1 Clive Lewis; 10/1 David Miliband; 12/1 Dan Jaris; 12/1 Keir Starmer; 14/1 Lisa Nandy.

Meanwhile, the bookies expect Corbyn to remain as leader for sevefral more years at least - making him 6/4 to cease to be leader in 2020; 6/4 in 2021 or later; 6/1 in 2017; 10/1 in 2016; 10/1 in 2018; 10/1 in 2019.

Despite Corbyn winning the leadership contest by a considerable margin, William Hill do not believe that will give the Party any more chance of winning the next General Election with an overall majority - and they still quote that as a 6/1 chance, while offering 10/3 that they emerge as the largest single Party. William Hill believe his latest victory will scupper Labour's hopes of winning a General Election until at least 2031.

'The consensus of opinion amongst political punters and bookies alike is that Corbyn is almost unbeatable in the Party, but unelectable as a potential Prime Minister' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Hills are betting on when Labour will next win an overall majority at a General Election, and make 2031 or later their 7/4 (36% chance) favourite:

WHEN WILL LABOUR NEXT WIN AN OVERALL MAJORITY AT A GENERAL ELECTION?.....7/4 2031 or later; 9/4 2021-25; 11/4 2026-30; 9/2 in or before 2020.

 ***ONE DEFINITE CORBYN FAN is themiddle aged William Hill client who staked £60,000 in a Durham betting shop on him retaining the leadership, at odds of 1/16 and who is now £3750 better off as a result.


NEXT GENERAL ELECTION RESULT: 8/11 Tories overall majority; 13/8 Hung Parliament; 6/1 Labour overall majority.

WHEN WILL NEXT GENERAL ELECTION TAKE PLACE?.....5/6 2020; 9/4 2017; 6/1 2016; 12/1 2018; 14/1 2019.

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