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Chelsea Flower Show – Blooming Bad Bet For Bookies

William Hill have suspended their betting for which garden will win the ‘Best In Show’ at the Chelsea flower show after 100% of bets laid on the market were for just one garden. The Andy Sturgeon designed garden was originally installed as the 2/1 favourite and attracted bets of up to £200  before the market was suspended.

“It appears that gardening is not one of our areas of expertise, we have clearly underestimated the Andy Sturgeon designed garden which our green fingered clients think is a certainty,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “As a result the book has been suspended.”

Final Odds Who will win ‘Best in Show’ at the Chelsea Flower Show? 1/3 Andy Sturgeon, 4/1 Charlie Albone, 5/1 Chris Beardshaw, 7/1 Cleve West, 7/1 James Basson, 8/1 Diarmuid Gavin, 10/1 Hugo Bugg, 10/1 Matthew Wilson, 12/1 Jo Thompson, 12/1 Jekka McVicar, 12/1 Nick Bailey Winton, 14/1 Catherine MacDonald, 16/1 Chihori Shibiyama & Yano Tea, 16/1 Rosy Hardy, 16/1 Sam Ovens, 20/1 Paul Martin, 25/1 Hay Joung Hwang.