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Champion Jockey Favours 2/9 'Remain' As Recession Offered At 9/4

WITH DIFFERING economic forecasts being made about the consequences of the EU Referendum, bookmakers William Hill are offering odds of 9/4 (30%) about the UK entering Recession by the end of 2017.

But Hills also offer 1/3 (75%) that the UK will NOT enter Recession before the end of 2017.

'Mr Cameron has been warning about the risk of Recession, but the odds suggest there is more chance of him no longer being Prime Minister by the end of the year, a 6/4 chance (40%) than there is of the UK entering recession by the end of 2017 at 9/4 (30%)' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Meanwhile, Hills currently offer 2/9 (81%) that Remain will win the EU Referendum vote, with Leave quoted at 3/1 (25%).'The betting momentum over the last 24-48 hours has been for Remain, but since day one of betting began, 68% of all bets struck have been for Leave, with 69% of all stake money for Remain.' added Sharpe.


20-time Champion jump jockey Sir Anthony McCoy, a William Hill Ambassador, who is from Northern Ireland, has favoured Remain in a blog for the company, writing: “I think it would be better if it stays the way it is. I am in the ‘Remain’ camp. I read somewhere that Anthony Bamford, head of JCB, said we should leave and he probably knows a lot more than I do, but I really do think we’d be better off staying in Europe.”

The man who gambled £900,000 with bookmakers William Hill – the biggest political bet of all time – on the outcome of the Scottish Independence Referendum, making a profit of £193,000, has decided not to risk any of his profits on the outcome of the EU Referendum.

The man believes Remain will win but has told William Hill he wn't be betting on the outcome:

‘To me the issue seems to have morphed to be about sovereignty/immigration on one hand, and uncertainty/economic weakness on the other.I have a marginal bias to believe in BR-EMAIN being the outcome, but think a febrile voting population, uncertain distribution amongst voters and the uncertainty of who will turn up on the day, mean the Risk-Reward for ME is not good !The debate is poor and disingenuous and does not deal with the Law of Unintended Consequences (of either side) ‘


WHEN WILL DAVID CAMERON cease to be PM?....6/4 2016;7/1 2017; 9/1 2018; 5/2 2019; 5/2 2020; 20/1 2021.

WHO WILL SUCCEED CAMERON AS TORY LEADER?......5/2 Boris Johnson; 9/2 George Osborne; 6/1 Michael Gove; 6/1 Theresa May. Others on request.

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