Politics By Graham Sharpe

2/1 Cameron Out This Year

BOOKMAKERS William Hill have cut their odds for David Cameron to stand down as Tory leader before the end of 2016 from 10/1 to 2/1.

'There has been a sustained gamble on David Cameron being out of office before the end of this year ever since he confirmed the date of the EU Referendum' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'He was a 10/1 chance (9%) to go this year at that point but has since been backed down to 2/1 (33%) to do so to the virtual exclusion of every other year leading up to the next General Election. Political punters seem to believe that even if the EU Referendum produces a 'Remain' verdict, the Tory Party will have become so destabilised that  the clamour for a new leadership election will become irresistible'

WILLIAM HILL...WHEN WILL CAMERON STAND DOWN?.....2/1 2016; 9/4 2019; 9/4 2020; 6/1 2017; 8/1 2018; 20/1 2021 OR LATER

EU REFERENDUM......1/6 (86%) REMAIN; 4/1 (20%) LEAVE

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