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By George - How Long Can Osborne Survive As Chancellor?

WITH GEORGE OSBORNE warning of future spending cuts, bookmakers William Hill are betting on when he will cease to be Chancellor, and are offering 10/1 that he will be out of the job THIS year, 10/1 in 2017, 10/1 in 2018, 3/1 in 2019, 10/11 2020 and 6/1 2021 or later.

'Mr Osborne recently lost favouritism to succeed David Cameron to Boris Johnson, and, following the Google tax setback, the news that future spending cuts may be on the way can only dent the reputation he has built up and impact on his prospects of succeeding David Cameron as leader' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WILLIAM HILL...When will Osborne cease to be Chancellor? 10/1 2016; 10/1 2017; 10/1 2018; 3/1 2019; 10/11 2020; 6/1 2021 OR LATER

WILLIAM HILL: Next Tory leader: 9/4 Boris Johnson; 11/4 George Osborne; 8/1 Sajid Javid; 9/1 Theresa May; 10/1 Priti Patel; 12/1 Michael Gove. Others on request.