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Brexit - Sooner Or Later?

48% OF ALL THE BETS William Hill have taken for the year in which the UK will officially exit the EU, have been for 2018 or earlier, with 33% for 2020 or later, and 19% for 2019.

However, 81% of money staked has been for 2020 or later, with 12% for 2018 or earlier, and 7% for 2019.

2019 is Even money (50% chance) favourite with bookmakers Hills to be the year in which the UK finally, officially exits the EU.

Hills offer 6/4 that it doesn't happen before 2020, and 7/2 that it becomes official during or before 2018. 'The uncertainty over the official Brexit date is making for a popular betting market' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'But the most popular option with punters is 2018 or earlier, even though the greatest percentage of actual money staked is for 2020 or later.'

WHEN WILL BREXIT BECOME OFFICIAL?.....Evens 2019; 6/4 2020 or later; 7/2 2018 or earlier.

***WILLIAM HILL are quoting odds of 7/2 that Liam Fox will no longer be a Cabinet member at the end fo 2017, 1/6 that he will be.

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