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Brexit Gamble...US Election odds latest

As an opinion poll gave the Brexit option a 9% lead in the run-up to the EU Referendum, bookmakers William Hill slashed the odds for a 'Leave' vote from 5/2 to 2/1 after taking a string of three figure bets for that outcome.

'We have taken £500 bets from clients in Poole andNorth London, and a £400 bet from a Wellingborough customer, along with many smaller sums from various other parts of the country' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Hills have also lengthened their odds for a vote to stay in the EU, from 3/10 to 2/5.

When will EU Referendum take place?...1/2 before end June 2016; 15/8 July-December 2016; 6/1 July 2017 or later; 8/1 Jan-June 2017.


Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are heavy odds-on favourites with bookmakers William Hill to win the two New Hampshire caucuses, following their failures to come out on top in Iowa...'Defeat in New Hampshire for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump could well signal the end of their campaigns' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

US Election Odds... Next President: 10/11 Hillary Clinton; 9/4 Marco Rubio; 13/2 Bernie Sanders; 7/1 Donald Trump

Democrat Candidate... 2/11 Clinton; 4/1 Sanders; 14/1 Biden; REP CANDIDATE: 4/7 Rubio; 3/1 Trump; 11/2 Cruz; 16/1 Bush

New Hampshire Caucus... DEM- 1/25 Sanders; 9/1 Clinton; REP- 4/11 Trump; 3/1 Rubio; 7/1 Cruz; 16/1 Kasich;25/1 Bush; 50/1 Christie