Politics By Graham Sharpe

Odds Slashed For Brexit 2019

BOOKMAKERS WILLIAM HILL have slashed their odds for which year will see Brexit become official, from Even money (50% chance) to 1/6 (86% chance) following Theresa May's confirmation that she will be starting the process by next March at the latest.

However, with the precise length of time the whole process will take still something of an unknown factor, William Hill also offer 13/2 that it will happen in 2018 or earlier; and 13/2 that it will not happen before January 1, 2020.

Hills also believe that Theresa May will still be Prime Minister on December 31, 2020 and make that a 4/9 chance (69%) also offering 13/8 that she will have stood down by then.

Hills make 2020 their 5/6 favourite to be the year of the next General Election, with 2017 9/4; 2016 6/1; 2018 12/1 and 2019 14/1.

OUTCOME OF NEXT GENERAL ELECTION......8/11 Cons overall majority; 13/8 Hung Parliament; 6/1 Lab overall majority.