Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Bookies Betting Trump Bubble May Have Burst

Donald Trump has emerged as the biggest loser following the outcome of the Iowa caucuses, according to bookmakers William Hill. The maverick Republican contender had come down from 200/1 in the betting for next President, to as short as 3/1 second favourite, pre-Iowa, but William Hill have now lengthened his odds out to 5/1 third favourite and now consider Marco Rubio the favourite to win the Republican nomination.

'We can't push Mr Trump's odds out too far on the back of a single result, particularly as we have taken some hefty wagers for him, with one client alone – John Mappin from Cornwall- set to collect £75,000 should he win, but there is no getting away from the fact that this is an early setback for his campaign' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Hills expect Donald Trump to bounce back in New Hampshire and make him 8/15 favourite to win there, also offering: 11/4 Rubio; 11/2 Cruz; 12/1 Christie; 14/1 Kosich; 20/1 Bush; 80/1 Paul. 100/1 upwards others.

Bernie Sanders is 1/12 favourite with William Hill to win in New Hampshire for the Democrats, with Hillary Clinton a 6/1 chance.

William Hill;

Next President... 4/5 Clinton; 9/4 Rubio; 5/1 Trump; 6/1 Sanders; 12/1 Cruz; 33/1 Bloomberg; 33/1 Bush; 66/1 Christie; 80/1 Romney. Others – 100/1 and upwards- on request.

Party To Win Election... 4/6 Dem; 5/4 Rep; 14/1 Independent

Republican Candidate... 8/13  Rubio; 3/1 Trump; 5/1 Cruz; 16/1 Bush; 50/1 Christie; 50/1 Kasich. Others- 100/1 and upwards- on request.

Democrat Candidate... 2/11 Clinton; 7/2 Sanders; 18/1 Biden.