Australia Politics By Jessie Cooper

Australia: Will Australia have its second bearded Treasurer?

Bearded politicians are a rarity in Australian politics, but Labor’s Chris Bowen returned to Canberra after his Christmas holiday with a mustache and a tuft of hair on his chin.  

Both were still on view when shadow Treasurer Bowen appeared on television to give his response to Scott Morrison’s budget speech. But will the hirsute look remain until Election Day?  

The conventional wisdom of political image makers is that voters - especially women - don’t like the hairy look.  

Australia’s last bearded Treasurer was John Christian Watson (usually known as Chris) who was the country’s Treasurer, while simultaneously prime minister, back in 1904.   Will Chris Bowen be the second bearded one?

The two bearded Labor Chris’s - John Christian Watson back in 1904 and Chris Bowen this year.

Bookmaker William Hill’s market has a bearded Bowen being sworn in as Treasurer by the Governor General after this year’s election at $7, with a clean shaven Bowen at $4 and $1.34 about him not becoming Treasurer, whatever he looks like.