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Australia: What Will Conor McGregor Do Next?

Conor McGregor tweeted overnight that he was retiring, effective immediately, from UFC but what is next for the mixed-martial arts champion?


Leading online bookmaker William Hill Australia believes that a promoters dream boxing match-up with Floyd Mayweather is next.


“McGregor vs Mayweather would be the richest fight in history and fighting McGregor would be the only thing left for Mayweather to achieve,” said a William Hill spokesperson.


Other options for McGregor could be a run at becoming the President of UFC, running for Irish Parliament or perhaps a boxing match with Anthony Mundine.


Much like John Farnham, William Hill is not discounting McGregor from making a comeback and fighting at UFC 200 in Las Vegas where he was scheduled for a re-match with Nate Diaz.


Though being ruled out of UFC 200 by current UFC President Dana White, William Hill still has McGregor at $5 to feature on the card in Las Vegas for UFC 200.

“You just never know with the UFC, he is the biggest name in the world and is still a chance of featuring in their biggest Fight Night ever.”

Will Conor McGregor fight at UFC 200 in Las Vegas on July 10th?
YES $5

Singles only. Applies to Conor McGregor fighting at UFC 200


What will Conor McGregor do next?

Write a biography  $4.00

Run for Irish Parliament  $7.00

Boxing match against Floyd Mayweather  $9.00

Become President of UFC  $21.00

Become a UFC coach  $21.00

Start a music career  $31.00

Tattoo artist  $41.00

Sing live with U2  $71.00

Start reality show – “Meet The McGregors” $101.00

Boxing match against Anthony Mundine  $101.00

Work for Bondi council  $251.00

Potato Farmer  $251.00

Play AFL  $501.00

Play for Republic of Ireland at Euros  $501.00

Become WWE World Champion  $501.00