Australia Reality TV By Tim Ashworth

Australia: Rumble in the ‘Celebrity’ Jungle

Bookmaker William Hill has opened a market on whether Australian sporting icons Shane Warne and Brendan Fevola will have their very own ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ on  Channel Ten’s hit show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.

The two appeared to fall out on last night’s show and according to William Hill, a Warne and Fevola free-for-all is now a $3.60 chance of happening. Fevola, the former volatile AFL full-forward, is rated the $1.28 favourite to land the first blow.

“A free-to-air ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ like this could make any future Danny Green and Anthony Mundine re-match look like a play fight” William Hill’s Tim Ashworth said.

“Warnie’s mouth has got him into plenty of trouble in the past, while Fev was never known for having the longest fuse on the footy field. 

“Punters will likely be leaning towards the fight lasting less than 18.5 seconds at $1.85, with neither looking in the best shape.”


Shane Warne and Brendan Fevola Come To Blows? 

$1.25   No

$3.60   Yes

First Strike Manoeuvre? 

$1.80   Punch

$2.50   Slap

$3.50   Kick

$9.00   Head-Butt

$15      Karate/Judo Chop

$26      Arm Bar

$41      Leg Sweep

$51      Karate Kid Crane Kick

$201    Finger Poke


Third Man/Woman In? 

$1.95   Paul Harragon

$3.00   Akmal Saleh

$5.00   Dean Geyer

$7.00   Laurina Fleure

$9.00   Havana Brown

$15      Val Lehman

$21      Bonnie Lythgoe

$26      Anthony Callea

$34      Jo Beth Taylor


Who Will Strike First? 

$1.28   Brendan Fevola

$3.40   Shane Warne


First To Tap Out? 

$1.22   Shane Warne

$4.00   Brendan Fevola


How Long Will Fight Last? 

$1.85   Under 18.5 Seconds

$1.90   Over 18.5 Seconds