Australia Politics By Tim Ashworth

Australia: Odds in Xenophon’s Favour For Senate Voting Change

South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon is gambling on Senate voting reform that would see him not having to share power in the Senate with minor parties who gain seats through preference deals.


Recent reports out of Canberra suggest that the Liberals, Nationals and Greens will join Senator Xenophon’s bid to change the Senate voting system.


"Anti-gambling crusader Xenophon would likely be the biggest winner if there is change, and with the odds at $1.16 that it will be successful, we’re confident this is one market he is happy to see," said William Hill's Tim Ashworth.


Will the Senate voting system be changed before the election?
$1.16  Yes

$5.00 No


Double Dissolution?

$1.18  No

$4.50  Yes