Australia Specials Betting By Jessie Cooper

Australia: No Go For Boaty McBoatface

It’s the question consuming the nautical world; will RRS Boaty McBoatface retain its public-voted name?


Bookmaker William Hill isn’t confident the name will stay, offering $1.30 that the name will be changed.


$3.25 is offered about Boaty McBoatface retaining its unique moniker.


The Natural Environment Research Council, which asked the public to vote on a name for its new £200m polar research vessel, revealed on Sunday that the votes were hugely in favour of naming the ship Boaty McBoatface, with a resounding 124,109 votes.  


This isn’t the first time the public have been creative with naming new products.


“When Greenpeace tagged a pod of humpbacks migrating to the South Pacific in 2007, the NGO also held a crowdsourcing contest to name one of the whales. Despite the other whales in the pod possessing suitably elegant names like Aiko and Aurora, when the internet discovered one of the options was Mister Splashy Pants you can imagine what happened next” writes leading brand strategist, Mark Ritson for


“We hope the board of the NERC see the value in sticking to what the public want, it’s a PR dream and could do wonders at increasing those interested in polar expeditions,” said William Hill spokesperson Jessie Cooper.


“But sadly, it seems unlikely.”


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Will the new Polar Research Vessel ‘Boaty McBoatface’ retain it’s name?

No $1.30

Yes $3.25