Australia Music Specials Betting By Jessie Cooper

Australia in the running at Eurovision 2016

Australia has cleared its first big hurdle in the Eurovision song contest. Our entry, Dami Im’s “Sound of Silence”, has survived a protest lodged by some jealous competitors.


The claim was that the lyric “trying to feel your love through face time” referenced Apple’s “FaceTime” video chat technology and violated the contest’s ban on commercial lyrics. The contest stewards dismissed the protest, ruling that “the lyrics of the Australian song are presented as two separate words, ‘face time’ and not FaceTime, which is an Apple trademark.”


So it’s on to the contest which is being broadcast locally on SBS television with the semi-finals live at 5am on Wednesday and Friday, and the final shown at 5am AEST on Sunday.


Leading bookmaker William Hill reports plenty of support for Dammi Im from Australia and overseas.


“She’s well up in the betting although Russia’s entrant, Sergey Lazarev, is a firm favourite with his part love ballad, part rock anthem ‘You Are the Only One’.” A William Hill spokesperson said.


Adding a controversial touch to the contest is the second favourite - Ukraine’s entrant, Jamala, who is a Ukrainian Tatar and whose song “1944” seems to refer to the mistreatment of that ethnic minority group by Soviet forces in the waning years of World War II.


According to the New York Times the song has sparked controversy in Russia, where some say it violates the contest’s ban on political songs.




Russia 2.20

Ukraine 4.50

France 7.00

Sweden 11.00

Australia 13.00

Armenia 17.00

Malta 19.00

Italy 34.00

Serbia 34.00

Israel 41.00

Spain 51.00

Latvia 51.00

Bulgaria 51.00

Netherlands 67.00

Poland 67.00

United Kingdom 67.00

Azerbaijan 81.00

Hungary 81.00

Czech Republic 81.00

Croatia 81.00

Iceland 81.00

Cyprus 101.00

Austria 101.00

Germany 101.00

Belgium 101.00

Norway 126.00

Estonia 151.00

Ireland 151.00

Denmark 151.00

Lithuania 201.00

Finland 251.00

Slovenia 251.00

Belarus 251.00

Greece 401.00

Moldova 401.00

Switzerland 401.00

Bosnia & Herzegovina 401.00

San Marino 401.00

Georgia 401.00

Montenegro 401.00

FYR Macedonia 401.00

Albania 401.00