Australia Politics By Jessie Cooper

Australia: Election Betting Watch

The Coalition have been off the map over the opening two days of the campaign under a weight of money and good polling news.

As much as $1.40 was bet about the Coalition on Monday as the campaign set off in earnest, but less than 48 hours later Malcolm Turnbull is into $1.26 to be returned to government on July 2.

One punter has unleashed on the Coalition, laying down $40,000 at $1.30.

Polling over the opening days of the campaign also appears to favour the Coalition. Essential’s Tuesday poll saw the ALP 2PP lead drop from 52-48 to 51-49 while Lonergan had the 2PP at 50-50.

Ispos also drew an improved Coalition result (51-49 from 50-50) while Galaxy and Newspoll had a steady 50-50 result.

With a long campaign also expected to work in favour of Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal/National coalition, their price is expected to continue to shorten over the coming weeks.

The key battlegrounds will again be in NSW and Queensland but Western Australia shapes as arguably the most interesting states with polls suggesting the ALP could win as many as five Coalition seats while betting markets are more circumspect suggesting a gain of only three Labor in a state they have traditionally struggled in.


Australian Federal Election – Winning Party

ALP $3.70

Coalition $1.26