Australia Specials Betting By Jessie Cooper

Australia: A Breath of Fresh Heir

With Queen Elizabeth II turning 90 today, bookmakers William Hill have given punters a regal treat by opening a market on who will be next to take over the nonagen-heir-ians’ reins.


Unsurprisingly, Prince Charles is the jolly and although priced at a short $1.20, it doesn’t seem to be putting punters off.


“It’s been a glittering 63 year stint for Queen Lizzie – she’s spent longer on the throne than Rebel Wilson the morning after a vindaloo.” Said a William Hill Spokesperson.


“Whilst it seems there is plenty of life left in the old gal, we’re starting to see a bit of money coming in for HRH’s replacement.”


“Unsurprisingly, Prince Charles is the red hot favourite to take over the monarchy and punters are coming after the short price of $1.20 in their droves. We could end up facing a monster payout if Charlie gets over the line”.


Who will replace Queen Elizabeth II as the next monarch of England?

Prince Charles - $1.20

Prince William - $5

Prince Harry - $20

Prince George - $101

Princess Anne - $501

David Beckham - $1001

Royal family dissolution - $1001