Politics By Graham Sharpe

88% Of Referendum Bets For 'Leave'

SINCE DAVID CAMERON announced the date of the EU Referendum, 88% of bets placed on the issue with bookmakers William Hill have been for the 'Leave' option. Prior to the announcement of the date, 71% had been for 'Leave'.

Hills also say that since the announcement of the date, 57% of the money staked has been for 'Leave', marginally down from 61% previously.

Hills also predict that the EU Referendum could outstrip both the Scottish Referendum and 2015 General Election, both of which saw over £10million of bets placed on them, to become the biggest domestic political betting event ever. 'The Scottish Referendum unexpectedly produced a record turnover with one wager of £900,000 placed, showing that there is a massive betting interest in politics.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WILL CAMERON QUIT IF EU REF OUTCOME IS AGAINST HIM? William Hill have cut their odds for David Cameron to stand down as Tory leader this year from 10/1 to 7/1, but make 2020 10/11 favourite to be the year he quits; 5/4 2019; 8/1 2018; 10/1 2017; 14/1 2021 or later. 'Many punters clearly think that a 'Leave' vote would be fatal for David Cameron's leadership and are betting that a Leave vote for the EU will translate to a 'Leave' vote for Mr Cameron's leadership' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

William Hill currently offer odds of 2/7 (stake £7 for profit of £2) about a 'Remain' result and 5/2 (stake £2 for profit of £5) for 'Leave'.

Hills believe England is more likely to vote 'Leave' (7/4) than either Wales (3/1) or Scotland(6/1).........How will England vote?: 2/5 Remain, 7/4 Leave; Scotland? 1/12 Remain, 6/1 Leave; Wales? 2/9 Remain, 3/1 Leave.


HOW MANY WILL VOTE REMAIN?..............10/11 55% OR MORE; 10/11 UNDER 55%