Politics By Graham Sharpe

84% of cash gambled on EU Ref is for 'Remain' vote, say bookies

The odds that the EU Referendum will produce a 'Remain' vote have shortened yet again, to their shortest level yet, following Barack Obama's comments and William Hill are now offering just 1/ 4 (stake 4 for profit of 1; 80% chance of happening) for 'Remain', with 'Leave' now at its longest odds since the Referendum date was confirmed, at 3/1 (stake 1 for profit of 3; 25% chance).

'The betting market was reflecting the opinion polls by and large, until Mr Obama intervened, since when it has been one-way traffic with an overwhelming swing towards Remain' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'Astonishingly enough, 84% of the stake money we have taken – but only 37% of the individual bets – have been for Remain.'

William Hill have taken one bet of £100,000 for Remain from a female client from central London – the biggest political bet ever struck by a female client.

Who'll be next elected Tory Leader? 7/4 Boris Johnson; 4/1 George Osborne; 7/1 Michael Gove; 7/1 Theresa May; 8/1 Sajid Javid; 11/1 Priti Patel; 12/1 Stephen Crabb. Others on request.