Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

7/2 Trump To Quit Presidential Race

Donald Trump is a 7/2 (stake 2 for profit of 7) chance with William Hill to officially quit the race to the White House as a Republican candidate before March 1, 'Super Tuesday'.

'Mr Trump suffered a setback when he failed to win in Iowa, and should he fare worse than predicted in New Hampshire where he is a hot favourite to win, and/or Carolina and Nevada which come along after that, then he could decide to call it a day before Super Tuesday comes along' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

US Election:

New Hampshire Primaries... Dem- 1/50 Sanders; 12/1 Clinton; Rep- 2/9 Trump; 4/1 Rubio; 12/1 Kasich; 20/1 Cruz; 25/1 Bush; 50/1 Christie; 100/1 Carson, Fiorina, Paul.

To Be Candidate:. .Dem – 2/11 Clinton; 7/2 Sanders; 14/1 Biden.......Rep- 4/5 Rubio; 5/2 Trump; 11/2 Cruz; 12/1 Bush; 25/1 Christie; 33/1 Kasich; 100/1 Romney

To Be Next President...10/11 Clinton; 5/2 Rubio; 13/2 Sanders; 7/1 Trump; 16/1 Cruz; 22/1 Bush; 25/1 Biden; 33/1 Bloomberg; 66/1 Christie; 80/1 Kasich.Others on request.

Trump to quit officially as Republican Candidate before March 1, 2016... 7/2 Yes; 1/6 No.