Politics By Graham Sharpe

71% of EURef Bets For Brexit

With 100 days before the EU Referendum takes place, bookmakers William Hill say a large majority of bets placed – 71.3%- are for Brexit, but over half the money staked – 51.7% - is for the 'Remain' option.

'The EU Referendum outcome betting pattern is veryinteresting, with almost three quarters of all bets staked on Brexit, but under half of the actual stake money on that option – and we are currently looking at a very large loss should Brexit win, but a decent profit should 'Remain' prevail.

William Hill make 'Remain' their 1/3 favourite, with 'Brexit' a 9/4 chance.

'Remain' is 4/6 to win 55% or more of votes cast, 11/10 under 55%.

Political punters are anticipating a relatively low voter turnout in the Referendum and William Hill offer 1/2 that it will be under 68%, with 68% or more a 6/4 chance.

William Hill EU Referendum Outcome: 1/3 Remain 9/4 Brexit

Outcome in England: 2/5 Remain; 7/4 Brexit

In Scotland: 1/10 Remain; 11/2 Brexit

In Wales: 1/4 Remain, 11/4 Brexit