Politics By Graham Sharpe

70% Of Referendum Bets For Brexit

Despite the row over information being sent out to households putting the case for remaining in the EU, bookmakers William Hill say that 70% of bets and 47% of stake money since the date of the Referendum was announced have been for a 'Leave' outcome.

'Although 'Remain' has been favourite in the betting since day one with William Hill, and is currently offered at 2/5 (stake 5 for profit of 2) with 'Leave/Brexit' a 15/8 chance (stake 8 for profit of 15) we have still consistently taken more bets for Leave than for Remain – that could change as we get closer to voting dat' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

EU Referendum Outcome: 2/5 REMAIN; 15/8 BREXIT

Outcome in England – 2/5 Remain, 7/4 Brexit;

Scotland – 1/14 Remain, 13/2 Brexit;

Wales – 1/4 Remain, 11/4 Brexit

William Hill also offer 5/6 that the 'Remain' campiagn will receive 55% or more of votes cast; 5/6 that it receives under 55%.

William Hill are also offering 2/5 that the voter turnout will be under 68%; 7/4 68% or over.