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63% Of Presidential Punters Plump For Democrats

Political punters convinced that the Republicans will be unelectable in the Presidential Election, should Donald Trump win their nomination, have been pouring bets on with William Hill that the Democrats will emerge as the winning Party, thus shortening the odds about that happening from 8/11 (stake 11 for profit of 8) to 8/15 (stake 15 for profit of 8). The odds that the Republican candidate will win have drifted out from 6/5 (stake 5 for profit of 6) to 8/5 (stake 5 for profit of 8).

'We've noticed a sudden, significant shift away from clients backing individuals to backing Parties – and the majority doing so have been backing the Democrats' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'Of the bets placed with us during 2016 on the outcome of the Election, 63% have been for the Democrats to win; 25% for the Republicans and 12% for an Independent candidate to win. It seems that many political punters can't believe that the Republicans can win if they nominate Mr Trump'

William Hill have also revealed some of the Presidential Election betting patterns – in the Republican nominations, 27% of bets and 55% of stake money has gone on Trump, compared with 19% and 12% respectively for Rubio, 12% and 9% for Cruz.

In the Presidential election overall, 23% of bets but only 15% of stakes have been for Sanders; 20% and 21% for Trump; 19% and 49% for Clinton; 10% and 7% for Rubio, 4% and 1% for Cruz.

William Hill now make Hillary Clinton 1/33 (stake 33 to make profit of 1) to win the Democrat nomination, and Donald Trump 1/6 (stake 6 to make profit of 1) to do likewise for the Republicans.

'The Big Two are now so far ahead of their rivals in the nomination stakes that they look past the post' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'They are also dominating the betting on who will become President – with Hillary 8/13 favourite and Trump 2/1 second favourite.'

Latest William Hill Odds.

Republican nominee: 1/6 Trump; 4/1 Rubio; 40/1 Cruz; Kasich; 50/1 Romney

Democrat nominee: 1/33 Clinton, 10/1 Sanders; 28/1 Biden

To be President: 8/13 Clinton; 2/1 Trump; 9/1 Rubio; 20/1 Sanders; 33/1 Bloomberg; 80/1 Biden,Cruz;  Kasich; 200/1 Romney

Party of President: 8/15 Democrats; 8/5 Republicans; 25/1 Independent

Primaries: TEXAS; 1/8 Cruz; 9/2 Trump; 20/1 Rubio; 66/1 Carson;Kasich; MINNESOTA; 1/6 Trump; 4/1 Rubio; 20/1 Cruz; 28/1 Carson; 50/1 Kasich.