Politics By Graham Sharpe

62% of bets for Leave, but 71% of money for Remain, say bookies

Bookmakers William Hill say that 62.9% of all bets they have taken on the outcome of the EU Referendum have been for the 'Leave' option – but 71.9% of all the money staked has been for the 'Remain' option.

'At the moment 'Remain' would be the more profitable outcome for us, but there is plenty of time for that to change' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

William Hill currently offer 3/10 (a 76% chance) that the outcome will be a 'Remain' majority; and 12/5 (29%) for a 'Leave' outcome.

'The Scottish Referendum became our biggest ever political bettig event with over £3 million gambled on the outcome – with one customer alone staking £900,000 and getting back £1,093,333.33, and we are optimistic that the EUReferendum will top that' added Sharpe.'So far our biggest bet for 'Remain' is of £100,000 (at 2/5 for £40,000 profit) from a London-based female who has openly ever had this one bet with us, and the largest for 'Leave' is a bet of £1066 (at 15/8 for £1998.75 profit) from a West Sussex client – who doesn''t come from either Battle or Hastings.'

William Hill are also betting on what the voting turnout will be, and offer 4/9 (69%) Under 68%; 13/8 (38% chance) 68% or more.