Politics By Graham Sharpe

5/2 General Election This Year

BOOKMAKERS William Hill are offering odds of 5/2 (28% chance) that there will be a General Election during 2016, but believe it is more likely that the next one will not happen until 2020 – and make that option a 4/6 (60%) chance.

Hills believe that the Conservatives will be the largest Party as a result of the next Election, and offer 2/5 (72%) about that, but it is 11/8 that the Party will secure another overall majority – and the same odds that there will be a return to a Hung Parliament situation, with Labour 3/1 to secure an overall majority.

'Given the schisms which have opened up in both major Parties as a result of Brexit and the Jeremy Corbyn situation it is difficult to rule out any of several possible scenarios relating to the next Election and its outcome' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe

WHEN WILL NEXT GENERAL ELECTION TAKE PLACE?.....5/2 2016; 5/1 2017; 20/1 2018; 20/1 2019; 4/6 2020

NEXT GENERAL ELECTION RESULT....2/5 Cons largest single Party; 11/8 Cons overall majority; 11/8 Hung Parliament; 7/4 Labour largest single Party; 3/1 Labour overall majority.

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