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4/1 Brexit

Remain is now being offered at the shortest odds since the date of the EU Referendum was confirmed, of 1/6 (85% chance) from 1/5 (83%), with Leave at the longest yet –  now 4/1 (20%) from10/3 (23%).

**On the day the Referendum date was confirmed Hills offered 2/7 Remain; 5/2 Leave.

'79.2% of all the stake money we have taken is for Remain, but 64.4% of all the inidividual bets struck are for Leave' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

'Remain' has become the bet of choice of the larger staking political punters- but there is no shortage of smaller stakers looking to back Brexit. However, with the bigger bets of up to six figures increasing our potential payout ,we're trying to encourage even more punters to back Brexit by pushing the odds out to their longest level yet'

The biggest bet so far struck with Hills on the outcome is of £100,000 from a central-London-based woman, placing her first ever bet, at odds of 2/5 (potential payout £140,000).

William Hill have also been delighted by the worldwide betting interest in the outcome of the EU Referendum.

'We have been seeing bets for the EU Referendum from some unexpected sources' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'For example, for Remain' we have taken 1000 euros from an Austrian client; one of 420 Canadian dollars; 59 euros from a Finnish gentleman, 400 yen from a Japanese customer; 50 euros from a Maltese punter, 580 dollars from a Russian gambler, 100 Swiss francs and 400 US dollars from a Ukraine client'

Not to be outdone, William Hill have also seen 'Brexit' bets from abroad – 200 euros from a client in Andorra; 200 US dollars from an Argentine; 250 euros from a Dutchman; 500 Singapore dollars from a Malaysian man; 100 Swedish krona and £300 from a Republic of Ireland customer.

'It seems there is a growing global interest in EU Ref betting' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, adding

William Hill EU Referendum odds: 1/6 (stake £6 for £1 profit) Remain; 4/1 (stake £1 for £4 profit) Leave

In England: 1/5 Remain; 10/3 Leave

In Scotland; 1/33 Remain; 10/1 Leave

In Wales: 1/6 Remain; 7/2 Leave

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