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£39,000 'Trump And Leave' Gamble

A WILLIAM HILL client has staked a £5000 bet which will see him collect £39,125 if the EU Referendum returns a 'Leave' verdict AND Donald Trump becomes US President.

The man, in his early thirties, visited a William Hill betting shop in Halifax, Yorkshire, and staked £1500 on 'Leave' at odds of 4/1 (returns £7500); £1500 on Trump at 7/4 (returns £4125), and a £2000 double, (returns £27,500)coupling the two eventualities at odds of 12.75/1.

'The customer told staff it was the first time he'd had a political wager and that he feels both parts of the bet offer attractive odds' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

CURRENT WILLIAM HILL EU REFERENDUM ODDS.....1/6 (85% chance) REMAIN; 4/1 (20%chance) LEAVE

CURRENT WILLIAM HILL US PRESIDENTIAL ODDS.....1/2 (66%chance) CLINTON; 7/4 (36% chance) TRUMP; 20/1 (4% chance) SANDERS

Further information........Graham Sharpe......0780 3233702