Politics By Graham Sharpe

2/1 General Election THIS year but Corbyn Odds On NOT to lead Lab into it

WILLIAM HILL offer 2/1 (33% chance) that there will be a General Election during 2016 – but think it is more likely that it will not happen before the scheduled date in 2020 and offer 4/7 (63%) that it will happen them. Hills also offer 1/2 that Jeremy Corbyn will no longer be Labour leader whenever the next General Election takes place.

'There is tremendous speculation about whether there might be an imminent General Election following the EU Referendum, but we still believe it is an odds-on chance that the next one will be in 2020' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WHEN WILL NEXT GENERAL ELECTION TAKE PLACE? 2/1 2016; 5/1 2017; 12/1 2018; 12/1 2019; 4/7 2020

NEXT CONSERVATIVE LEADER: 4/5 Boris Johnson; 5/2 Theresa May; 6/1 Andrea Leadsom; 9/1 Stephen Crabb; 10/1 Michael Gove; 16/1 Dominic Raab; 25/1 G Brady; R Davidson; L Fox; P Patel; 25/1 C Grayling; G Osborne. Others on request

NEXT LABOUR LEADER: 9/2 Dan Jarvis; 5/1 Hilary Benn; 7/1 John McFonnell; 7/1 Tom Watson; 8/1 Chuka Umunna; Lisa Nandy; 10/1 David Miliband; 14/1 Angela Eagle; Keir Starmer; 16/1 Heidi Alexander; Owen Smith. Others on request.

**Jeremy Corbyn is 1/2 NOT to lead Labour into next General Election, 6/4 to so so.

NEXT GENERAL ELECTION; 11/10 Tory majority; 11/8 Hung Parliament; 4/1 Labour majority.

**BOOKMAKERS William Hill are offering odds of 1/3 that there will be a second Scottish Independence Referendum held before the end of 2024, and also offer odds of Even money that Scots will vote in favour of independence by then, 8/11 that they will not.

**6/1 SNP to win every Scottish seat in next General Election.