Politics By Graham Sharpe

2016's Record Political Punt

WITH SEVERAL MAJOR events to be decided this year, bookmakers William Hill  predict that 2016 will be the biggest political betting year ever.

'2016 is looking set to assume the mantle of the biggest political betting year ever with the EU Referendum and US Election backed up by the London Mayoral Election and the Scottish and Australian Elections. It would be no great surprise to see £50million gambled on politics industry-wide this year, for the first time.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'In recent years political betting has been one of the notable growth areas for us and it is currently showing no signs of peaking.'

Meanwhile, after taking a number of hefty bets for a vote to 'Remain' in the EU Referendum, bookmakers William Hill say that 82% of the money they have now taken on the outcome of the poll is for a 'Remain' verdict, and the odds for that to happen have been cut to their shortest level since early February – they are now 1/3 (stake 3 for profit of 1; 75% chance) from 2/5 (stake 5 for profit of 2; 71% chance), with 'Brexit' out from 15/8 (stake 8 for profit of 15; 34%) to 9/4 (stake 4 for profit of 9- 30%).

'We have seen a string of substantial bets at the end of the week, including one of £100,000 from a woman in central London and another of £10,000 from a client in Cornwall, which have helped force down the 'Remain' odds – in fact, 82% of all the money we have now taken is for 'Remain', although there are still many more individual bets – 63% of them – for 'Leave'' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.


EU REFERENDUM....1/3 Remain; 9/4 Brexit......(VOTER Turnout: Under 68% -2/5;68 or more 7/4).......

US ELECTION; To be next elected President:4/11 Clinton; 9/2 Trump; 14/1 Cruz; 28/1 Sanders; 33/1 Kasich; 33/1 Ryan

LONDON MAYORAL ELECTION......1/12 Khan; 6/1 Goldsmith....MOST 1ST PREF VOTES (excl Khan/Goldsmith); 13/8 Whittle; 9/4 Berry; 11/4 Pidgeon; 9/2 Galloway

NEXT UN SEC GEN; 5/4 Clark (NZ) (was 2/1): 5/2 Bokova (Bulg); 4/1 Jeremic (Serb); 7/1 Gutteres (Port); 7/1 Turk (Slovenia); 12/1 Gherman (Mold)

SCOTTISH ELECTIONS..1/100 SNP; 20/1 Labour; 66/1 Conservatives; MSP Match bet: 4/7 Lab; 5/4 Con.....Number of UKIP seats: 5/4 None; 2/1 One or two; 8/1 three or four; 2/1 five or more.

AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL ELECTION.....1/3 Liberal/National Party; 9/4 Australian Labor Party.