Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

1/3 Clinton-Trump Showdown

Donald Trump has been cut from 2/7 (stake 7 for profit of 2) to 1/4 (stake 4 for profit of 1) favourite with William Hill to become the Republican Presidential candidate, following his latest victory in Arizona.

And William Hill make him 5/2 second favourite to win the Presidency for which Hillary Clinton is currently 2/5 favourite.

William Hill are also offering 5/4 that the Republican candidacy will come down to a brokered convention.

'The Clinton-Trump showdown is now just a 1/3 (stake 3 for profit of 1) chance with us and looks almost a done deal' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Latest US Election odds from William Hill.

To be President: 2/5 Clinton; 5/2 Trump; 20/1 Sanders; Kasich; 25/1 Cruz; 50/1 Biden; 66/1 Romney; 100/1 Ryan

Will the showdown be between Clinton and Trump? 1/3 Yes.

To be Democrat Nominee: 1/25 Clinton; 10/1 Sanders; 22/1 Biden

To be Republican Nominee: 1/4 Trump; 11/2 Cruz; 7/1 Kasich; 25/1 Ryan;; 50/1 Romney

Which party will win? 4/11 Dem; 2/1 Rep; 50/1 Independent

Will there be Republican Brokered Convention? 4/7 No; 5/4 Yes