Specials Betting Television By Rupert Adams

Will Sky Be First To Advertise On BBC1?

William Hill are odds on at 1/3 that the BBC licence fee will be reduced before the end of this parliament and have opened a book on the first commercial company to pay for advert on BBC1. As it stands William Hill have Sky as their 12/1 favourites, BT are 14/1 and Coca Cola a 20/1 shot. Should it occur around Christmas then the 25/1 for John Lewis might appeal.

“Our odds suggest that the BBC will need to start looking for funding from elsewhere and they may well have to start allowing adverts in the not too distant future,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. 

Will The Licence Fee Be Reduced (£145.50) In This Parliament?: 1/3 Yes, 9/4 No

Will The BBC licence fee be abolished before Jan 1st 2020?   11/10 Yes, 4/6 No

What Year Will First Paid Advert Be Shown On BBC1?  11/10 2019 or earlier, Evens 2020, 16/1 2021, 20/1 2022, 25/1 2023 or later

First Company To Advertise On BBC1: 12/1 Sky, 14/1 BT, 16/1 Barclays, 20/1 Coca Cola, 20/1 Visa, 25/1 John Lewis, 25/1 M&S, 33/1 Sainsbury’s, 33/1 Land Rover, 33/1 BMW, 33/1 Jaguar, 50/1 Costa Coffee, 50/1 William Hill, 50/1 Fairy Liquid, 50/1 Ford, 100/1 Any Toothpaste Brand