Politics By Graham Sharpe

Who'll go first - Corb or Cam?

William Hill believe that Jeremy Corbyn will cease to be Labour leader before David Cameron departs as Tory leader.

Hills have opened a market offering odds of 4/6 that Corbyn is the first of the two to stand down, with Cameron 11/10 to be first to go.

'In a two horse race with one runner already declaring he will not be in place when the General Election takes place, and the other desperate tostay for as long as possible it migt seem odds to make Mr Corbyn favourite to vacate the leadership before Mr Cameron, but that's the way we see it panning out' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO STAND DOWN AS LEADER OF HIS PARTY?...4/6 Jeremy Corbyn; 11/10 David Cameron.


CORBYN- 9/2 2015; 13/8 2016; 11/2 2017; 10/1 2018; 11/1 2019; 9/2 2020; 11/2 2021 OR LATER. To lead Party into General Election? 1/2 No; 6/4 Yes.

NEXT ELECTED LABOUR LEADER...3/1 Jarvis; 7/1 D Miliband; 8/1 Watson; 9/1 Nandy/Umunna. Others on request.

CAMERON- 20/1 2015; 10/1 2016; 8/1 2017; 6/1 2018; 3/1 2019; 8/13 2020; 12/1 2021 OR LATER. To lead Party into General Election: 1/4 No, 11/4 Yes.

NEXT ELECTED TORY LEADER...11/8 Osborne; 7/2 Johnson; 9/1 May; 10/1 Javid; 20/1 Hammond. Others on request...