Politics General Election By Graham Sharpe

Who'll be Hungover? £50,000 Punter, Tories or Labour?

A WILLIAM HILL customer has staked the biggest betting shop bet of the General Election so far by placing £50,000 on a Hung Parliament, taking odds of 1/8 and potentially collecting £56,250 as a result.

The bet was struck in a Hill's branch near The Strand in central London by a middle-aged male customer who had never visited the shop before.

'It is a hefty gamble, and the biggest yet taken in a betting shop during this General Election' said Hill's Media Relations Director, Graham Sharpe. 'However, it is neither the biggest bet we have taken, nor the biggest on a Hung Parliament - as an online customer has already placed the largest General Election bet ever of £200,000 on a Hung Parliament. His bet was struck at odds of 2/9 and could make him a profit of £44,444.'

Hills are already predicting that there will be more money gambled on this General Election than any other, with an industry turnover of some £20million.

Hills have now trimmed their Hung Parliament odds to 1/10.

WILLIAM HILL GENERAL ELECTION OUTCOME: 13/8 Labour minority govt; 11/4 Conservative minority; 6/1 Con-LD coalition; 7/1 Coalition involving SNP; 7/1 Lab-LD coalition; 15/2 Conservative majority; 22/1 Labour majority; 25/1 Coalition involving DUP; 28/1 Coalition involving Ukip; 33/1 Conservative-Labour coalition; 40/1 Coalition involving Greens; 200/1 Ukip majority; 1000/1 Lib Dem majority; 25/1 Any other outcome.


MOST SEATS: 4/9 Cons; 7/4 Lab.

Labour 3/1 to win NO Scottish seats - SNP 5/1 to win the lot!

ANOTHER OF THE BIGGEST GAMBLES of the General Election campaign so far has seen William Hill slash their odds for Labour win win just five or fewer seats in Scotland from 5/1 to 6/4 - and they also offer 3/1 that they will end up without a single seat north of the border. 

The SNP, who are now just 5/1 to win EVERY seat in Scotland, are 6/4 to win 51 or more seats.Even Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy looks vulnerable in E Renfrewshire - where the SNP are Even money shots to take the seat while Murphy is 5/6 to hold on to it.

And Hills also believe there is a very real chance of the Tories ending up with no Scottish seats - offering 7/4 about that eventuality.

LABOUR SEATS IN SCOTLAND - 6/4 0-5; 2/1 6-10; 4/1 11-15. Others on request

TORY SEATS IN SCOTLAND - 7/4 None; 2/5 one or more

LAB V TORY IN SCOTLAND - 1/7 Lab to win more seats, 7/1 Tories to win more; 8/1 to win same number.

SNP SEATS IN SCOTLAND; 6/4 51 OR MORE; 11/4 41-45; 11/4 46-50; 5/1 36-40; 6/1 31-35. Others on request.


DANNY ALEXANDER....11/2 TO DEFEND his Inverness, Nairn etc seat while SNP are 1/10

DOUGLAS ALEXANDER...9/4 to win Paisley Renfrewshire where SNP are 1/3 favourites.

NICK CLEGG is 1/2 to win in Sheffield Hallam with Labour 6/4, Tories 20/1

NIGEL FARAGE is 4/7 to win S Thanet, with Tories 5/2, Labour 9/2.

SIMON HUGHES is 1/2 to retain Bermondsey Old Southwark, with Labour 6/4.

CHARLES KENNEDY is 11/4 to win Ross, Skye,Lochaber, while SNP are 1/4.

JIM MURPHY - Evens to win E Renfrewshire where SNP are 5/6 favourites.

AMBER RUDD is 15/8 to win Hastings/Rye, where Labour are 2/5.

ANNA SOUBRY is 2/1 to retain Broxtowe, where Labour are 1/3

JO SWINSON is 9/4 to win E Dunbartonshire where SNP are 4/11.

There are suggestions that the SNP may be planning to offer Scots a second independence referendum, with William Hill, who offer 7/2 that there will be another by 2020, or 5/4 by 2024. Hills are 5/1 that Scotland will achieve independence by 2024.