Politics By Graham Sharpe

What Odds We Vote Twice In 2015?

With the outcome of the General Election looking the most difficult to predict for many years, William Hill have cut their odds for 2015 to see TWO General Elections from 8/1 to 6/1. 'Political punters are clearly betting that the first General Election will produce such a messy vote that any coalition which forms will have its work cut out to survive for more than a few weeks' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

William Hill currently offer 2/5 that the next General Election will produce no overall majority for any one Party. They offer 4/1 that the next government will be another Con-Lib Dem coalition; 9/2 a Labour majority; 9/2 a Tory majority; 9/2 a Labour minority government; 11/2 a Lab-Lib Dem coalition; 11/2 a Tory minority govt; 13/2 a coalition involving SNP; 7/1 Coalition involving UKIP; 50/1 Coalition involving Greens; 50/1 UKIP majority; 500/1 Lib Dem majority. 33/1 any other combination or government.

And Hills have also cut their odds for Boris Johnson to be the next Prime Minister from 8/1 to 6/1 second favourite behind 4/5 favourite Ed Miliband.Hills have also seen interest in Alex Salmond becoming the next PM and make that a 50/1 shot.