Politics By Graham Sharpe

We Know WHAT It Is, Now We Know WHERE Result Will Be Announced, But WHEN Will EU Ref Happen?

Following the news that the result of the in/out EU Referendum will be announced in Manchester, bookmakers William Hill are betting that the actual voting will take place between July and December of 2016 – making that option their 5/4 favourite.

It is a 2/1 shot that the Referendum will be held before the end of June 2016; 10/3 that it will happen between January and June of 2017. Hills also offer 8/1 that it will NOT have taken place by July 2017.

William Hill have also cut their odds about a 'Brexit' vote in the in/out EU Referendum from 7/4 to 13/8 (stake £8 for £13 profit)- their shortest price yet since David Cameron confirmed there was to be a vote.They have lengthened the odds for a 'Stay' vote from 4/9 to 1/2 (stake £2 for £1 profit).