Politics By Graham Sharpe

We Have EU Question - What's The Answer?

BOOKMAKERS WILLIAM HILL believe the most likely answer to the EU Referendum question is - 'We'll stay in'. Hills have made a vote to remain their 1/4 (bet £4 to win £1 profit) favourite, with a vote to leave the EU an 11/4 (bet £4 for profit of £11) chance.

'The odds about the outcome of the EU Referendum are likely to fluctuate considerably before voting begins - the Scottish Referendum attracted over £10m of bets, the EU poll should beat that- we've already taken enough bets to shorten the 'Stay' odds from 1/3 to 1/4.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Hills are offering odds of 6/5 that the EU Referendum will take place by the end of June 2016. They also offer 10/3 that it will be held between July-December 2016; 7/2 between January and June 2017; 7/2 July 2017 or later.

Now that the in/out EU Referendum has been confirmed in the Queen's Speech, Hills make a vote to remain in the EU their 1/3 favourite (bet £3 to make a profit if £1), with a vote to quit the EU offered at 9/4 (bet £4 to make a profit of £9).

WHEN WILL IN/OUT EU REFERENDUM TAKE PLACE?: 6/5 by end of June 2016; 10/3 between July-Dec 2016; 7/2 between January-June 2017; 7/2 July 2017 or later.

OUTCOME?....1/4 'Stay In'; 11/4 'Leave'