Grand National Horse Racing By Jon Ivan-Duke

Up To £200m Set To Be Wagered…McCoy Win Could Spark Record Payout…..Southerners Get All The Luck

William Hill Key National Statistics:


Estimated turnover - £30million

Number of bets - 5million

Average bet - £6

Luckiest average punter - male, City Of London

Unluckiest punter – George Atkinson, 104 y/o from Swafham in Norfolk. He has never picked a winner in 76 attempts.


600m sets of eyes across the globe will be tuning in to watch the Grand National on Saturday. Over £30m is set to be wagered on the race at William Hill with an industry-wide turnover potentially topping £200m. 5m individual bets could be wagered with William Hill alone.


It is the busiest day of the year for Britain’s bookmakers, with William Hill bracing themselves for a last minute rush akin to Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve.


“We take over 25,000 bets per minute as the race draws near,” said William Hill spokesman Jon Ivan-Duke. “This is six time more than Amazon on its busiest day. The hatches are well and truly battened.”


AP McCoy takes to the saddle for the very last time in a Grand National and he sits atop Shutthefrontdoor which is the 15/2 favourite ahead of Rocky Creek at 9/1 and Balthazar King at 10/1. Should McCoy win, he will spark a record payout of £100m across the industry and £20 Million at William Hill alone.


Looking through last year’s race bets, William Hill have determined that Southerners are more lucky when it comes to picking a winner in the race with East London the single most successful region in the country.


“If you want to pick a winner then I’d suggest moving to London pretty quickly,” said Jon Ivan-Duke. “Cockneys appear to have all the luck when it comes to the Grand National.”


Top 10 Places For Picking The Grand National Winner: 1. London (East Central), 2. London (South West), 3. Worcester, 4. London (West), 5. St Albans, 6. Harrow, 7. Dorchester, 8. Slough, 9. Redhill, 10. London (North West)

(based on 2014 William Hill Grand National results, % of bets placed on the winner)


Top 10 ‘Unluckiest’ Places For Picking A Grand National Horse: 1. London (East Central), 2. Isle Of Man, 3. Swansea, 4. Western Isles, 5. Cardiff, 6. Llandrindod Wells, 7. Truro, 8. Telford, 9. Bournemouth, 10. Lincoln

(based on 2014 William Hill Grand National results, % of bets placed that were unsuccessful)


Female jockey odds - Nina Carberry rides First Lieutenant. She is the only female jockey in the race. – 28/1

Youngest jockey - this year's youngest jockey is Sean Bowen at just 17 years old. He rides Mon Parrain – 50/1

Champion trainer favourite - Paul Nicholls best chance is Rocky Creek (9/1 second favourite) who was fifth last year

Number of bets in last minute - 25,000 transactions across all channels in the last few minutes before the race. This outstrips Amazon UK on Black Friday by roughly 6 times at their busiest sales peak

Worst result – there could be a record payout of £20million if McCoy wins


Crabbie’s Grand National (William Hill Odds) : 15-2 Shutthefrontdoor, 9-1 Rocky Creek, 10-1 Balthazar King, 14-1 The Druids Nephew, 18-1 Cause Of Causes, 20-1 Alvarado, 22-1 Godmejudge, Soll, Spring Heeled, 25-1 Al Co, Night In Milan, Pineau De Re, Unioniste, 28-1 First Lieutenant, Royale Knight, 33-1 Many Clouds, Saint Are, 40-1 Across The Bay, Ballycasey, Chance Du Roy, Court By Surprise, Lord Windermere, Monbeg Dude, Oscar Time, 50-1 Dolatulo, Mon Parrain, Rebel Rebellion, 66-1 Carlito Brigante, Corrin Wood, Owega Star, Portrait King, Rubi Light, Super Duty, The Rainbow Hunter, Wyck Hill, 100-1 Bob Ford, Ely Brown, Gas Line Boy, River Choice, Tranquil Sea


(NRMB + Best Odds Guaranteed - EW ¼ Odds Places 1,2,3,4) 

(RESERVES – 33-1 The Package, 66-1 Baileys Concerto, 66-1 Duke Of Lucca, 66-1 Raz De Maree)


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