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The Force Awakens: A Star War at the Box Office

The Force has awakened legions of Star Wars fans across the globe ahead of the opening weekend in the latest instalment of the blockbuster Star Wars franchise.

Leading online bookmaker William Hill believes the seventh episode in the record-breaking series is $1.45 to top the $AUD 2.4 Billion mark at the box office worldwide, but will fall short of beating Avatar as the highest grossing film of all time.

Star Wars - The Force Awakens is currently $2.50 with William Hill to take the top spot on the all-time list. 

“The Force, and the odds, are strong in this one,” William Hill spokesperson Tim Ashworth said.

“The idea of another Star Wars movie seemed like a galaxy far, far away not so long ago. But now, you could probably bet the Death Star on an army of Drones, Jedis and Wookies charging in to cinemas all around the world over the coming weeks.” 


Star Wars The Force Awakens betting

Will Star Wars The Force Awakens Be The Highest Grossing Film Of All Time?

NO $1.50

YES $2.50


Total World Wide Gross Revenue

Over $2.4 Billion AUD $1.45

Under $2.4 Billion AUD $2.75