Politics By Graham Sharpe

SNP dds on to win more seats than Lib Dems

The SNP - who took just six seats at the last General Election-  are likely to win more seats at the General Election than the Lib Dems, who won 57 last time, say bookmakers William Hill who have opened a book on who will ocme out on top between the two, and have installed Nicola Sturgeon's Party as 4/7 favourites, with Nick Clegg's team offered at 13/8 and a tie between the two rated an 8/1 shot.

'It is quite extraordinary that a Party starting from a base of 6 seats is odds-on favourite to beat one with 57' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'But that just sums up the entirely unpredictable nature of the May General Election.'

To add to the Lib Dems' misery, Hills make UKIP 4/11 to poll more votes than the Lib Dems, who are 2/1 to do vice versa.