Rugby Union By Rupert Adams

Rugby World Cup: Awesome Aussie’s All The Rage

Rugby World Cup: Awesome Aussie’s All The Rage - Nobody Backing New Zealand

Bookmakers William Hill can report that Australia are the team that have impressed most at the World Cup, with a run of bets making them the team that the bookies want beaten. Australia are currently 5/2 with South Africa 5/1 and Ireland 9/1. Meanwhile the favourites New Zealand have been oddly out of sorts and are virtually friendless despite drifting out to 6/5.

“Australia and Ireland are the two teams that are proving popular, whilst the favourites New Zealand are definitely not the rage,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

Quarter Finals:

1/3 South Africa, 12/5 Wales, 20/1 Draw
1/6 New Zealand, 4/1 France, 25/1 Draw
4/9 Ireland, 7/4 Argentina, 20/1 Draw
1/8 Australia, 5/1 Scotland, 25/1 Draw

Rugby World Cup: 6/5 New Zealand, 5/2 Australia, 5/1 South Africa, 9/1 Ireland, 25/1 Argentina, 25/1 France, 25/1 Wales, 125/1 Scotland