Royalty By Rupert Adams

Royal Baby: Odds Suggest Alice - But Don’t Bet Against Chardonnay!

The name Alice is very much the favoured choice with William Hill customers as they attempt to second guess what William & Kate will call their second baby. But that has not stopped a steady stream of bets for the baby to be called Chardonnay, which has now been slashed from 250/1 to 100/1. Other names include Tyrone, Chad, Bruce and Posh - all of which are at long odds.

 “In the last week over half the bets we have taken have been for Alice and we believe the name must be at the very least on the shortlist – Chardonnay is proving a popular outsider but I for one am not convinced!” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

The odds on the baby arriving on the 21st is now 12/1 with the 24th & 25th of April the favourites at 10/1.

Name of the baby: 6/4 Alice; 5/1 Elizabeth; 11/2 Charlotte; 12/1 Victoria; 14/1 Alexandra; 14/1 Arthur; 14/1 James; 16/1 Diana; 20/1 Henry; 20/1 Richard; 25/1 Alexander; 25/1 Catherine; 25/1 Frances; 25/1 Mary; 25/1 Phillip; 33/1 BAR

Longest Odds Baby Names: 100/1 (from 250/1) Chardonnay, 150/1 April, 100/1 Apple, 125/1 Bruce, 250/1 Chad, 250/1 Kylie, Brooklyn, 500/1 Seychelles, 500/1 Posh

Gender of William and Kate’s second baby: 8/11 female; 1/1 male

What date will Kate give birth: 20/1 April 16th; 20/1 April 17th; 16/1 April 18th; 14/1 April 19th; 14/1 April 20th; 12/1 April 21st; 12/1 April 22nd; 12/1 April 23rd; 10/1 April 24th; 10/1 April 25th; 12/1 April 26th; 12/1 April 27th; 16/1 April 28th; 16/1 April 29th; 20/1 April 30th; 20/1 BAR