Politics By Graham Sharpe

Rom Man Mitt? Or Third Time Lucky?

MITT ROMNEY is believed to be set to announce a third attempt to become US President, and William Hill have cut his odds to become Republican nominee for next year's Election from 10/1 to 5/1, and from 20/1 to 11/1 to end up in the White House.

'Mr Romney will certainly bring plenty of experience with him if he decides to challenge for the top job again' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'But although we've seen enough backing to cut his odds we think he'll have his work cut out to convince more voters than in his other two challenges to support him.'


TO BECOME REPUBLICAN NOMINEE: 5/2 Jeb Bush; 5/1 Mitt Romney; 6/1 Marco Rubio; 6/1 Rand Paul; 8/1 Chris Christie; 12/1 Paul Ryan; 12/1 Scott Walker. Others on request. TO WIN 2016

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: 5/4 Hillary Clinton; 5/1 Jeb Bush; 11/1 Mitt Romney; 12/1 Marco Rubio; 14/1 Rand Paul; 16/1 Joe Biden; 16/1 Chris Christie; 16/1 Elizabeth Warren; 18/1 Paul Ryna; 25/1 Elizabeth Warren. Others on request.